Answers To Some Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a confirmation email when an order is placed?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email which will also provide you with an order number.

Can I create a picture and have it shipped to someone else?

Absolutely! Simply add the recipients address into the shipping field at the checkout.

What is your returns policy?

Alphakat Art is committed to delivering quality products you will be proud to own.


If your order has arrived damaged, please contact us within 14 days from original receipt of item(s). Please email a picture(s) of the damage, and the packaging if possible, to admin@alphakatart.com.au.

From here we can arrange a replacement.

Refunds will only be given if there is an error on the part of AlphaKat Art.  We do offer replacements but will only be made for items that have been damaged whilst in transit.  Shipping charges will not be refunded




What payment options do you offer?

We offer both PayPal and credit card payment options. 

What if I have a problem when ordering?

Send us an email at admin@alphakatart.com.au  or call 0402 300 750.

How much does the final product cost?

Prices are based on the number of letters in each word and includes a good quality, acid free mating board.  These prices do not include framing as we do not provide this service.

3 letters – $ 65
4 letters – $ 80
5 letters – $ 95
6 letters – $ 110
7 letters – $125
8 letters – $140
9 letters – $155

If your word or name contains more than 9 letters, please contact us directly at sales@alphakatart.com.au

Can I purchase a gift voucher?

Yes, what a fantastic gift for someone you love! Please go to our shop page for gift voucher options. 

How much does it cost for postage?

Postage is based on either regular or express post and includes all handling costs.

Regular parcel post to anywhere in Australia $10.00

Express post to anywhere in Australia $17.00

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Once payment has been received, regular postage will arrive in approximately 7 – 10 days depending on your location within Australia.  Express postage will take approximately 4 – 7 days.

Do you ship internationally?

International shipping can be arranged on an individual basis.  Please contact us directly at sales@alphakatart.com.au and we can make arrangements for shipping overseas.

What size will the finished product be?

Sizes will vary dependent on how many letters are in your word or name.  Below is a table showing you the sizes.  All our photographs are printed in 4″ x 6″ size.  They are orientated in a portrait format.


Number of Letters Final size
3 400mm x 230mm
4 510mm x 230mm
5 635mm x 230mm
6 735mm x 230mm
7 848mm x 230mm
8 960mm x 230mm
9 1070mm x 230mm
What if I want to create a word that is longer than 9 letters?

If you require a word or name that is longer than 9 letters please contact us at sales@alphakatart.com.au.  We are happy to discuss your ideas any time.

Is the matting board acid free?

Yes, our foam mating boards are only the best as we want to ensure the longevity of your picture.  They are strong and sturdy being 5mm think and have a protective coating over it protect it from damp.

Do you provide a framing service?

No sorry framing is not available.  We do however provide picture hanging strips that require no nails and leave no damage.  Our pictures do look amazing framed but also look just as amazing hung as they come.  It is an individual choice.

Who took the photos?

Kat takes all of the photos herself.  She is also the owner of AlphaKat Art and takes pride in the fact that all letters have been taken by her.   Finding the letters has become a fun activity and is often done with the enthusiastic help of her children, husband and close friends.

Do you have symbols and hearts?

We currently have ampersands (&), dashes (–) and hearts available.  To access these when creating your picture type in an asterick (*) where you would like a symbol or heart.  For example: Mr*Mrs