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Make a unique artwork for your loved ones from our extensive range of alphabet photography.

Type your word

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♥ Create your design

Create Your Own Alphabet Art

Type in a word and get started on creating your own alphabet masterpiece

You can use the & symbol to make text like Mr & Mrs or you can use the * to generate love hearts and dashes

How It Works

Choose Your Word

Click on ‘Create Your Own Art’ and type in the word worth keeping or the name of a loved one and click ‘Go’

The system will randomly select letters from the hundreds available for your unique gift idea. 

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unique Wedding gift idea

Choose Your Letters

If you’re not quite happy with the random selections picked for you, click on the letter that you would like to change and select another letter that it more suited to your tastes. You can change this as many time as you want.

Start Creating

Select which colour matt board you would like your artwork mounted on. You can choose from either Black, White or Blue. You can also choose to have the photos in colour or black and white.

unique gift ideas

Create A Personalised Gift

amazing personalised artwork

Creating a personalised gift means a lot more than just buying something off the shelf, it shows that you really care and want to give a gift that is unique and worth keeping for many years to come.

AlphaKat Art has taken photographs of images in nature, architecture and generally anything that resembles letters of the alphabet.  You then have the opportunity of creating your own masterpiece by choosing letters from our extensive photo gallery to create a name or word that is personal to you or the person you’re buying a gift for.

Next you choose whether you want the pictures in colour or black and white and you get to choose from three different coloured matt boards.  Our pictures don’t come framed but does come with easy to apply picture hanging velcro so there are no nails required and no damage to the wall.

personalised gift ideas

Looking For Additional Design Inspiration?


Want to create a unique gift using alphabet artwork for yourself or your family but feeling a bit stuck?

Let me help with a free 15 minute consultation to help you choose the best combination of letters to bring your art to life.


I was over the moon to receive our surname from AlphaKat Art.  It now has pride of place in our kitchen where everyone can see it.   I know what I'll be getting my family for Christmas this year!!

Mel Pursey


 I absolutely LOVE my "Roberts" photo collage!  For me it represents our families time in the Pilbara.  We received this beautiful piece as a leaving present from our lovely neighbours.  I LOVE it's originality and know I will purchase many more as engagement/wedding gifts.  It takes pride of place in our new home as you open the front door.  Katrina, you are one very talented lady!  A very satisfied customer I am.

Michelle Roberts


WOW!!!   What a unique and personalised idea for gifts.  You have created a wonderful product and the quality of your work is impressive.   Love seeing the expression on family and friends faces when they receive one of your creations.


Carly Falconer


Hi! I’m Kat

unique gift art logo

I love to create

I’ve enjoyed photography for many years but over the last 5 years or so have enjoyed photography from a different perspective.  It was back in 2015, on Australia Day over a few bubbles (yes, another love) with family and friends, that we started discussing ways of turning my passion of photography into a business.  Whilst sitting there with my bubbles, I noticed an ‘A’ in the tree above me, yes I was a little blurry eyed but it was most definitely an ‘A’.  The search then continued for more letters.  That was the start of my obsession with the alphabet in our environment, be it nature, architecture or street art.  We are literally surrounded by letters in all shapes, colours and sizes.

Unique Alphabet Art Gift Idea

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